Social Media Marketing

Is your brand

being represented

the way you want it to on social media?Apart from many other services, Commtel Digital is also a social media marketing agency in the U.S. and a proud forbearer of one of the most important service sought by new and existing businesses worldwide, social media advertising!

Bashir Ahmed Textiles

is one such client

that opted for our social media marketing services and we devised a thorough plan for them that redirects the customers to their website. We also focused on a 20% text policy on all their posts so that the pictures are visually more appealing.


Social media

has become a necessity

for companies nowadays. Even if you have a flourishing business, it is impossible to survive without having a robust following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Keeping this goal in mind, the social media marketing services offered by Commtel Digital go beyond the simple static posts for clients. We believe in engaging our target audience in such a way that they feel part of the company.

Cinque Terre

With Apollo,

we focused on more

animated video content since it’s a tricky brand with 3 ventures. Through our social media services, we made sure that all the ventures are properly catered to. Our aim is not to generate more likes but to strategically focus on our targeted audience and serve them with quality work.



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